Relation to the Ashikaga Clan   

Kotokuji Temple
It is said that
the third generation Ashikaga Yoshiuji laid the foundations.
Zentokuji Temple
Ashikaga Takauji laid the foundations in 1368, and
and this was the first built by the Zen master.
Kichijoji Temple
Founded by Yoriuji, the fifth Lord of the Ashikaga clan.
Ashikaga originated from Ashikaga clan and the grandson of Hachimantaro Yoshiie, Yoshiyasu (originally Minamoto) took the name Ashikaga and his rule of the district began. During the Kamakura Period, the second Lord Yoshikane had a moat constructed on the site (now Bannaji Temple) and Yoshikane’s descendants lived in Ashikaga. Many shrines and temples were built by the descendants and can be seen all around the city. Also, Ashikaga Takauji is the eighth generation, counting from Yoshikane.
Kabasaki Hachimangu Shrine
Bannaji Temple was constructed by Ashikaga Yoshikane
to pray for enlightenment for his family.
Bannaji Temple
Hogenji Temple
Created by Yoshizumi, the eldest son of Yoshikane
as enlightenment for his mother (Hojo Tokiko).
Horakuji Temple
It is believed that Yoshiuji retrieved a statue of Buddha from the bottom of the pond after seeing it in a dream. He had the temple created to house the statue.
Shimonokuni Isshayawatamiya Shrine
It is said that the shrine was built by Minamoto in prayer for victory in war.
Hiraishi Hachimangu Shrine
It is said to have been founded by the fourth Lord
Yasuuji Ashikaga.