Ashikaga at a Glance Map   

Japan Heritage Ashikaga Gakko
Banna-ji (Banna Temple)
The city flourished as a city of textiles from long ago, and is dotted with historic sites such as the Ashikaga Gakko and Bannaji Temple, telling the history of the region. The quaint buildings and warehouses lining the cobbled streets in the center of the town somehow feels nostalgic and soothing to visitors. The charm of the area is not only visiting the famous temples and tourist spots, which is of course enjoyable, but also discovering the new scenic spots hidden in alleys and back streets of the city.
Orihime Shrine
Eastern Area
Ashikaga Flower Park
Kurita Museum
The Ashikaga Flower Park, one of the most famous scenic spots of the region is located in the eastern part of the city. You can also enjoy sightseeing and nature by using the hiking trails for beginners.
Western Area
Matsudagawa River Dam
Oiwa Bishamonten (Saishoji Temple)
The western region, neighboring Ota City and Kiryu City in Gunma Prefecture, has been known for its weaving since ancient times. You can enjoy barbecues in the rich nature of upstream Matsuda River at Matsuda Dam. There are also many shrines and temples in the region beginning with Oiwa Bishamonten (Saishoji Temple), one of three major Japanese Bishamonten Temples.
Southern Area
There are large shopping centers and industrial parks in the southern region and it is the economic center of Ashikaga. It is the birthplace of the Yagi songs, one of three greatest marching songs in Japan, and the Yagi Inn flourished as a highway inn.
The Yagibushi The Yagibushi
Northern Area
The winery
Gyodosan Jyoinji Temple
The northern region of Kitago and Nagusa is an area of blessed with stunning nature and its mountains are beautiful in each of the four seasons. Gyodosan Joinji Temple, also known as ‘Kanto Koyasan’ and the power spot Nagusa Megalithic Group are also the starting point for a hiking course. There are a variety of country lifestyle experience courses offered at the reconstructed old houses of Nagusa Furusato Community Hall. Time passes leisurely and visitors feel relaxed.
Nagusa Kyosekigun (Nagusa Rocks)
Nagusa Furusato Koryukan