What is a recommended tour course?
Please see our web page. Here
Does the town have a tourist office?
There are tourist offices in Taiheikikan and one called Ashi Navi in the Tobu Ashikaga Station. 
Is it possible to make a reservation for the rental bicycles?
Reservations are not accepted, please go directly to the rental cycle centers. Here
Are there foreign language speaking staff in Taiheiki-kan and Ashi-Navi?
Yes. Available in English and Chinese. (There are days when foreign speaking staff are unavailable)
Please tell me how to get to Ashikaga.
Please see this page for access to Ashikaga.
Is there a shop where it is possible to buy all my souvenirs at once?
Taiheiki-kan (to the east of the Ashikaga Gakko historic site), and Ashikaga Tourist Exchange Center (Tobu Ashikaga Station) have souvenir shops. 
What is needed to use the rental bicycles?
Please present a passport or other identification.
I would like to explore Ashikaga while wearing a kimono.
You can rent a kimono to wear at Ashikaga Machinaka Yugakukan.
What is the closest station to the Ashikaga Flower Park?
Tomita Station on the JR Ryomo Line. It is a 13-minute walk to the Flower Park.
When is the best time to see the wisteria?
The best time to see the Great Wisteria is fro... (Read more