It is a plum grove on the western slope of Mt. Orihime.
Ashikaga, which flourished in the textile industry, once had many female workers, and even had a girls' part-time high school.
For this kind of girl`s education, the president of Kokoku Kagaku (currently Achilles) began to plant plum trees around 1964, considering the sale of plum fruits as a source of funding for scholarship.
1,200 white and red plums (7: 3) are in full bloom on the site of 3 ha. The view of plum grove seen from the Ryogai Mountain hiking course is like a landscape painting that describing the trailing clouds along the mountains.
Located on the western slope of Mt. Orihime, you can go there from Ashikaga Prefectural Nature Park hiking trail.
Why don't you stop by during the hike?
The best time to see them is from late February to middle of March. (It is up to the weather condition)
Please take the garbage home with you so that everyone can enjoy watching flowers.

西渓園 案内図はこちら
Basic Information・Access
3855 Nishinomiyacho, Ashikaga City, 326-0817 

+81-284-43-3000(Ashikaga City Tourism Association)

15 minutes from Ashikaga I.C on the Kita-Kanto Expressway
35 minutes from Oota-Kiryu I.C on the Kita-Kanto Expressway
40 minutes from Sano-Fujioka I.C on the Tohoku Expressway
20 minutes by Walk from JR Ryomo Line Ashikaga Station
20 minutes by Walk from Tobu-Isesaki Line Ashikagashi Station
15 minutes by Walk from Tori 6-chome Bus Station of Ashi-Bus `Asshi` (Matsuda or Gyodo Line) 

Car Park
※Saikou Fureai Center (ex-Nishi Elementary School), East side of Ground Parking Lot, Orihime Parking Lot)

Facility Information
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