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It is said that the temple was advised by Kobodaishi Kukai during the Konin period (810 - 824) and then in the middle of the Edo period a different temple Konzoin had the stone temple built on the large rocks and then later enshrined the statue of Benzaiten (currently deified as Konzoin Benzaiten-do) in it.
The enshrined large rocks of Nagusa have been nationally designated as natural monuments.   
Benzaiten is one of the spots for the Ashikaga Shichifukuji (seven deities) course.
Basic information and access
4990 Nagusakamicho, Ashikaga 326-0001

Telephone Number
0284-41-9977 (Nagusa Community Center)

Approximately 20 minutes from Ashikaga Interchange on the Kita Kanto Expressway
Approximately 40 minutes from Ota Kiryu Interchange on the Kiryu Kanto Expressway
Approximately 40 minutes from Sano Fujioka Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway

Car Park
Some spaces

Facility Information
Feel free to visit.

It is the Ashikaga Shichifukujin (seven deities)course.
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