This temple was built by the first generation Kagehito as a bodhi for the Ashikaga Nagao family in Bunan 5th year (1448.)
In the Genroku era, it became a special place as a training place (Shugyou dojo) and inherited the tradition as a dojo for training human resources until the Meiji Ishin (Meiji Restoration), and has established a Zazenkaii and a Buddhist course etc.
In the precincts, there are historical site Nagao graveyard, the Ashikaga City Cultural Heritage Dainichi Nyorai sitting statue, and the grave of the master painter Tasaki Souun.
Basic Information・Access
2884, Nishinomiyacho, Ashikaga City, 326-0817 


15 minutes from Ashikaga I.C on the Kita-Kanto Expressway
20 minutes from Oota-Kiryu I.C on the Kita-Kanto Expressway
50 minutes from Sano-Fujioka I.C on the Tohoku Expressway
7 minutes by Taxi from JR Ryomo Line Ashikaga Station or Tobu-Isesaki Line Ashikagashi Station

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Facility Information
Feel free to visit

This temple is included in Ashikaga Shichifukujin Course
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