Butsugaiken Chashitsu (Tea room) is a wooden one-story, Kiridumadukuri tea room with Kyogawarabuki-roof.There are two rooms with three tatami mats inside, and there are mizuya and kitchen.
It was relocated to its current location in 1901 (Meiji 34).
This is the Omotesenke Fuhakuryu tea room, which is similar to Keshoan at Gokokuji in Tokyo.
You can see beautiful scenery in every season that is matching the surrounding Japanese garden.
Basic Information・Access
Tori 6-chome 3165-2, Ashikaga City, 326-0814 (North side of Orihime Public Hall)

+81-284-20-2230(Ashikaga City Culture Section)

20 minutes from JR Ryomo Line Ashikaga Station
20 minutes from Tobu-Isesaki Line Ashikagashi Station
15 minutes from Ashikaga I.C on the Kita-Kanto Expressway

Car  Park
Orihime Parking Lot (Free), Orihime Public Hall, Saiko Fureai Center

Facility Information
Opening Hour : Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday of April, May, October and November
9:00 am ~4:00 pm 
Admission Fee : Free 

Butsugaiken Tea Room can be used for tea parties and other events throught the year.
Please contact with the Ashikaga City Culture Section.
(Usage Fee: 10,500 yen)
(Cannot be used from December 28th to January 4th)
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