Honjyo Itsukushima Shrine (Akeshi Benten, Bijin Benten)    Downtown Shrines and Temples  the Seven Lucky Gods 

It was erected in Kansei 5 (1793), and before the Meiji Restoration (Meiji Ishin), it was known as the Akeshi Benten Hokora.
In the past, there was a pond where Kiyomizu (Pure water) springs in this village, and it is said that she worshiped as a god closely related to the water.
"Bijin (Beautiful Woman) Benten" is an alter ego of Ichikishimahime, a Enshrined deities of Itsukushima Shrine.

【Issuing a "Bijin (Beautiful Woman) Certificate"! * Fee Charging】
"Bijin (Beautiful Woman) Certificate" is a charm that issued by Honjyo Itsukushima Shrine (Bijin Benten) that certifies "Beauty".
"Beauty" for "Bijin Benten" protects and proves the "kindness of women's hearts" that all women have, not the beauty of appearance.
Door of Bijin Benten open on the first and third Sunday of every month.
This Shrine is one of the Ashikaga Shichifukujin (Seven Gods of good fortune)

You can get a "Bijin Certificate" at 'Car & Cycle Tanaka' (Honjyo 2-chome) and 'ROA Asakura Head Store' (Asakuracho) except on the Bijin Benten door opening day.
Basic Information・Access
2-1805 Honjyo, Ashikaga City, 326-0808

+81-284-42-0525(Honjyo Itsukushima Shrine)
+81-284-41-1382(Office of Bijin Benten)

25 minutes by Walk from JR Ryomo Line Ashikaga Station 
25 minutes by Walk or 5 minutes by Taxi from Tobu Isesaki-Line Ashikagashi Station
10 minutes from Ashikaga I.C on the Kita-Kanto Expressway

Car Park

Facility Information
Feel free to visit
Door of Bijin Benten open on the first and third Sunday of every month.
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