Notice of resume of Taiheikikan   

Thank you for visiting Taiheikikan and Ashikaga Tourism Information Center (Ashi Navi).

Taiheikikan had been decided to be temporarily closed until May 31 (Sunday), but due to the deregulation of Tochigi prefecture's request for closure, Taiheikikan will be resumed from May 18th (Monday)

※Some operation will be reduced
               <Operation that will be suspended for the time being>
     ・Rental bicycles     ⇒Restart from June 1st 
     ・Keep the Luggage  ⇒Restart from June 1st 
     ・Commemorative stamp 
               ・Distrubution of Manhole Card

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding
Measures to prevent the spread of infection and requests for the customers, related to the resumption
Regarding  resume of Taiheikikan, we will thoroughly implement "social distancing" and make efforts to make it a safe and secure place. We would also like to ask everyone for your cooperation.

<Measures to prevent the spread of infection>
・ Installed a finger disinfectant solution at the entrance / exit.
・ Open the door and ventilate.
・ For face-to-face service, we install vinyle curtains to prevent splash infection.
・ Admission may be restricted due to congestion.

<Request to customers>
・ Please wear a mask when visiting the facility.
・ Please secure a distance between customers each other.
・ Those who have symptoms such as fever should refrain from visiting the facility. 
Ashikaga City Tourism Association(☎0284-43-3000)