Let`s walk in Ashikaga wearing Kimono ♪    Downtown Things to do・Activities 

Ashikaga City had been flourished in the textile industry for a long time, and the production of Ashikaga Meisen was prospering from Taisho era to early Showa era.
Ashikaga Meisen that is not expensive despite its beatiful and novel design was favored by people all over Japan.

Currently, Meisen is not produced, but the novel modern designed kimono is fit to the town of Ashikaga, where is also known as the Kyoto of eastern part of Japan.
Events such as walking in the city with wearing Meisen are sometimes held, and textiles are exhibited at Ashikaga Machinaka Yugakukan and Ashikaga Orimono Denshokan.
Why don't you try wearing a kimono and taking a walk through the Ashikaga with touching the long textiles history!
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